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Conference “Global Citizens’ Assembly on SDGs 2021”, 22-25th August 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia – is an international event what includes an international conference, working groups, creative workshops and study visits, culture programm and various of other side events for Individuals, government and NGO officials, private sector, finance and industry leaders, academics, researchers, health and teaching professionals, youth and students professionals.

Conference is organised in cooperation with Peace Child International and its Network, a children and youth Nordic – Baltic SDGs Platform, Peace Child Estonia and Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare; co-financed by Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society, Nordic Culture Point, the city of Tallinn  and others

            Nordic Culture Point

Introduction – Background: This Assembly is being organised as a continuation and follow-up to the UN 75th Anniversary Conferences held in Tallinn in February 2020, Tunisia in September 2020 hosted by SSCW & We love Sousse, and the online UN75 Festival hosted by Peace Child Intl. and UNA-UK in October 2020.  It also takes place in the context of an effort by PCI and UNA-UK to create an annual, public-facing UN Day Festival every year on UN Day (October 24th) to update progress on key indicators on the state of the planet and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further, it will form the climax of the series of Online International Model Citizens’ Assemblies on the Climate Emergency which have been discussing ‘Priority actions needed from COP-26 in Glasgow’ – which try to separate out the priorities which exist in the realm of the possible from those that are merely aspirational. It will also build on all the conversations about greater citizen involvement in the UN’s work initiated by the Together First programme and the UN’s own 75th Anniversary Global Conversation which were captured in the UN75 Declaration and the www.whatnext4un.org website. Finally, it will serve as a climax for the global consultation PCI is currently engaged in to create a new, 21st Century Peace Child story about how the generation of youth passing through schools and universities today work together across borders to achieve peace and sustainable lifestyles for all by mid-century through expanding and strengthening the role of the United Nations;

 Goals:  To create a “Tallinn Declaration” articulating Action strategies to implement the UN75 Declaration and the SDGs:

  • The UN75 Declaration goals of “strengthening the United Nations” & “meaningful engagement” with youth;
  • To identify the main obstacles to achieving the SDGs – chiefly the colossal impact of the COVID-19 crisis, but also populism, authoritarian governments growing youth unemployment and systemic over-consumption;
  • To discuss different versions of the “Green New Deal” and draw from each the best ideas that offer practical solutions for smart city development, strengthened democracy and peaceful community and international relations;
  • To identify and articulate concrete strategies to combat climate change, achieve sustainable economic growth, including sustainable tourism + increased resource efficiency.
  • To identify effective strategies to achieve more ambitious NDCs (Nationally Determined Contributions) by all UN Member States ahead of the COP-26 in Glasgow;
  • To develop “Citizens Priorities” for dealing with the Climate Emergency whatever governments agree – or fail to agree;
  • To build on the ideas agreed at our Tallinn Conference in February 2020 for Digital Human Rights Declaration 2.0 and a UN strengthened by the development of digital democracies and international citizens’ assemblies on key issues;
  • To incorporate all these ideas into the new, 21st Century Peace Child story and create performance pieces for use in the closing ceremony.


  • Practical Strategies to create, monitor and enforce Digital Human Rights 2.0
  • Practical Strategies to resolve the Climate Emergency
  • Practical Strategies to achieve a Green New Deal / sustainable Economic Growth, Smart Cities and Full Employment
  • Practical Strategies to secure greater international cooperation and build a stronger UN

REGISTRATION IS OPEN FROM 21st of June till 15th of August 2021
Please register yourself on web: https://conference.peacechild-estonia.org/registration/

During conference participants will be able to hear inspiring keynote speakers, share knowledge and have some new experiences, meet and speak with inspiring colleagues, Government and Non-governmental organisations, Researchers and professionals from all over Europe, Explore the Civil Society and Culture of Estonia, see inspiring performances and art forms made/performed by young people. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other, find a potential partner and design own local action programm and increase Baltic+Nordic network by new members from across the regions of Nordic and Baltic Sea states.

After the formal first two day there will be additional one informal, in witch all participants will be able to present themselves, meet the other participants and try to find a partner and develop a local or regional initiatives and ale international (and interdisciplinary) arts project for young practitioners.

For young people and young professionals there is a special interdisciplinary workshop programme

Event Overview / Schedule Rationale:  4-day event, held from 22nd to 25th August as follows:

  • Day ONE: Arrival of international and local participants + Official Opening Ceremony & Gala Dinner in Tallinn.
  • Day TWO: Opening Plenary laying out the goals and themes of the meeting; Round Tables & Creative Workshops to share essential information about each of the Conference Themes and start developing implementation strategies;
  • Day THREE: Continue Round Tables & Creative Workshops on key themes; and visits to key facilities, institutions and factories in Tallinn; Small Drafting group prepares first draft of Tallinn Declaration
  • Day FOUR: Citizens’ Assembly considers draft of Tallinn Declaration and proposes / prioritises amendments; Final Plenary with performances from the Creative Workshops; Conference closing Ceremony, passes baton to High level Global Conversation 26-29th August in Narva, Estonia

NOTE on Conference Format:

The Round Table Format for discussionsTo tease out the best ideas and strategies from every one present at this Conference, we are using the Round Table / World Café format.  This requires

  • Expert presentations (5 –7 minutes) each of the 5-6 experts present their key ideas and priorities.
  • Round Tables panellists join round tables of delegates and spend 30-minutes discussing responses to their ideas + listen to & challenge new ideas and strategies advanced by audience members.
  • Report Back Panellists return to the Platform and report back key ideas they’ve learned from the delegates and summarise their concrete recommendations for what to include in the Tallinn Declaration
  • Round Tables / in frame of panel discussion including representatives of many different cultural backgrounds that highlights the usefulness of creating a comparative perspective, being open to ideas from other point of views and finding common goals.

Side event: Creative Workshop FormatEach Peace Child story is set 40-50 years in the future, at the time that young people passing through our schools and universities today are reaching retirement age.  It back-casts from that future to tell the story of what this generation do with their working lives to bring about the sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future that we want for every member of the human family. In each story, we explore the struggle between the good and evil instincts of human beings. The creative workshops will draw together an inter-generational group of artists, musicians and writers to explore the existential threats faced by the human family, improvise and brainstorm plausible scenarios for HOW these threats may be reduced or eliminated, and develop ideas for a new Peace Child story that captures and dramatizes those solutions. A core team of delegates and experts will guide all workshops – with other delegates dropping in to listen and contribute ideas. The format will be as follows:

  • Introduction – update new arrivals on what has been discussed / achieved in earlier workshops and reminding all present of progress made? Identification of the challenges / issues that remain unresolved;
  • Small Group Discussion / Improvisation – based on the composition of the group, these may be split into music/song-writing; playwrights; poets; comedy routines etc.
  • Report Backs – each group reports back in their chosen medium what they have come up with in their small group sessions;

Date and Place: 22nd August 2021  at 10.00 am in Tallinn, Estonia (Tallink Spa & Conference Hotell)
Participants:  up to 120 participants (international participants and Estonian) including High guests from International institutions, Ministries, Embassies, Partners, Students, young  amateurs,  interested organisations and  Local NGOs leaders, Networks and business representatives).
Conference official languages: English

More information: conference@peacechild-estonia.org